Program: Skholl +

Users: Company registered in Skholl+

Client: Company currently insuring with Skholl


  1. Skholl + reserves the right to modify the program, including its terms and conditions, as well as the right to close the program without prior notice to registered users. This implies that users are not owners of the benefits they have been informed and, therefore, they have no acquired right over Skholl+.
  2. Skholl+ can change the benefits of the program or the number of coins needed to obtain the rewards.
  3. To register the program and start earning coins, the client must make a second insurance purchase and have a second invoice in Skholl, within the next 12 months since the first purchase was made. The client must fill the registration form and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Once the registration form is filled, the client authorizes Skholl+ to send communications via email.
  5. Users will redeem benefits using earned coins, which are also a guide to identify the current level of their company.
  6. Coins will be earned by companies. Therefore, the client, corresponding to a juristic person, will be the one to obtain the benefits.
  7. During his stay in the program, the user can be placed in 3 different levels, each one of them containing different benefits. Skholl+ reserves the right to change the user’s level, according to his performance with Skholl.
  8. Skholl+ levels are General, Premium and VIP. To qualify as General, the user must comply to term (3). To qualify as Premium, the user must accumulate 600 coins in a 12-months maximum period. To turn into VIP, the user must accumulate 6000 coins in a 12-months maximum period. Access to the next level will only be done taking in count the number of coins the user has, regardless if they have been redeemed or not.
  9. Users will be able to earn coins by:
    • For every 80 USD invoiced in Skholl, 10 coins will be earned.
    • If the user makes a purchase every month during a semester, he will be granted 230 coins available in January and July.
    • The user will earn coins for the number of beneficiaries he keeps monthly:
  • For 5-10 monthly beneficiaries, the user will be granted 3 coins.
  • For 11-20 monthly beneficiaries, the user will be granted 8 coins.
  • For 21-30 monthly beneficiaries, the user will be granted 30 coins.
  • For 31+ monthly beneficiaries, the user will be granted 45 coins.
    • For every effective referred client, the user will earn 60 coins. An effective referred client is the one company referred by the user that purchases at least one insurance with Skholl within 12 months.
  1. Coins earned by the user are non-transferable, they cannot be sold or bought.
  2. When a user refers a client, he must fill the form available in the Skholl+ website.
  3. In order to redeem the rebate, the user must have his statement 100% current with Skholl and his accident rate below 50% of the premium paid during the last year.
  4. Coins expire anually. Therefore, coins earned by the user each month will expire within the next 12 months.
  5. Skholl+ reserves the right to expel users from the program due to inappropriate use and any other action or omission that constitutes fraud against Skholl and/or Skholl+.
  6. Any user registered in Skholl+ is able to request to be removed from the program.