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Stage 1:

Claim notification


Stage 2:

Document collection process


Stage 3:

Case formalized with the insurance company


Stage 4:

Claim resolution

Frequently asked questions

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What is a claim?

A claim is an accidental event or occurrence that may happen and cause damage to the goods, covered under the contracted coverage through a policy. These damages can result from loss or shortage of goods due to various unexpected and almost impossible-to-predict fortuitous events.

When should you report the loss event?

It is crucial to report the incident as soon as possible to your assigned advisor or the Customer Care team through the provided form or the email customercare@skholl.com within 10 business days after detecting the incident. It is also necessary to report and document the incident with the carriers. This should be done promptly due to the legal terms set for them.

How long does it take approximately to resolve a claim?
The insurer has a period of 30 business days after formalization to resolve the claim. Having all the required documents is essential to expedite the process.
What minimum information do you need to include in the claim report?

Date and location of the incident. Report the estimated total damage in USD. Location and contact where the cargo is currently located. Photos or videos as evidence.

What should I do with the damaged cargo when a claim occurs?
Do not dispose (destroy, sell, or discard) the cargo or container without prior authorization from the insurer. Any decision regarding it must be reviewed by them and the cargo has to be preserved until the case is resolved.
Basic documents when filing a claim:
  • Formal claim letter to the insurer
  • Claim letter to the carrier with confirmation of receipt
  • Documentary evidence or POD with damage annotations.
  • Bill of lading (BOL).
  • Commercial invoice and packing list. Customs clearance document
  • Photographic records.
  • Depending on the claim, the insurer may require additional documentation (refer to informative checklists for more information).
Once the claim is approved, how long does the payment process take?
After providing payment documentation, the insurer takes between 10 to 15 business days for the payment process.
Actions that may void coverage:
  • Hiring transportation with a company not authorized by lawin each Country and for each mode of transportation there are requirements to operate as a carrier.
  • Failure to comply with the required security protocol.
  • Non-submission of necessary documentation for case study and analysis.
  • Failure to present the necessary documentation for the study and analysis of the case.
  • Disposal of salvage without prior insurer authorization. 
  • Lack of evidence demonstrating that damages occurred during the insured journey.
  • Late notification of the claim. - Policy exclusions.

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