We ensure the value of your cargo as if it were ours.

Our insurance consultancy covers the value of your merchandise with door-to-door service in all modes, sea, land and air.

Insurance cargo

The value of your goods protected

You are transferring a risk, a risk that we assume for you.
Our merchandise insurance provides complete coverage for the physical and economic risks during the shipment, transport and unloading of these, in order to provide peace of mind to the importing or exporting beneficiary as the case may be.
In Skholl we offer complete coverage by experts in transport insurance so that the load generator has within its processes the appropriate parameters and meets the optimal safety conditions in their international shipments.
Insurance coverage is against all door-to-door risk in accordance with the agreed Incoterm and insurable interest on the cargo, we have the main suppliers of the industry and competitive premiums to provide them with the best market conditions.

Container insurance

Coverage against damage and extraordinary cleaning.

The transportation of the containers used in the movement of merchandise through maritime lines or land transporters is ensured, where the insured has an insurable interest.
All types of containers are insured, except for those that can be expressly excluded in the general insurance conditions, in "winery-warehouse" journeys as defined in the insurance certificate or for the automatic coverage in the transport document. The insured route must be a minimum defined by the existing insurable interest on the insured container.

Container insurance
Additional coverages

Complement your service to further ensure the value of your load

Loss of profits: Additional coverage that covers the earnings that you have not received due to an accident, this may be up to 20% of the sum insured.
Additional expenses: The sum insured must correspond to the expenses of commercial invoice + freights + taxes; the values ​​that do not correspond to it are insured as additional expenses and may be up to 20% of the sum insured, since in case of loss you will be covering more for each shipment. This coverage is linked to transportation insurance.
Errors and omissions: Covers errors and omissions that can be made by cargo agents, customs agents, etc. in the provision of the logistics chain, where the beneficiary of the merchandise is affected; it covers the losses suffered by insured interests and any other insured sum that the latter is entitled to collect under the policy.


This our essence, advise you to protect your merchandise in the best way

With our support you will choose the best coverage for the merchandise that will be transported. Our service is backed by the largest insurers in the market, which transfer the risk so that you and your client enjoy peace of mind. We advise you in a personalized way and according to your expectations, our objective is that you learn about this service that seems to be complementary in the logistics chain, but that plays a fundamental role in reducing uncertainty in the face of transport risks; fires, floods, leaks, theft and other eventualities that you can not control.